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If you're reading this letter...


Who Is...


If This Sounds Like You...

Then I have


For You!


All Done Consulting's

If you’re reading this letter

You have been handed the keys to running a successful online business

On Your Terms.

Let me explain how you can ...


By Leveraging This...



Allow me to explain...

why we created All Done Consultings'

Automation Network App + Software

The Automation Network App + Software was specifically designed to solve your problems and mine. My name is Ryan Morgan and four years ago I started this company on my mom’s air mattress at the age of 27. At the time I couldn’t even save $4,000 in the bank. Today, my website has generated more than $4,000 per day – for over three years! I want to share the proven system I used to develop a reliable income for myself with you.

"I worked as a freelance writer that struggled to make $600/month for over a year. I competed with other writers in the third-world for clients in a free Facebook group while trying to raise 800K for technology I believed would change the world."

I learned to monetize my copywriting skills to generate and convert high-ticket customers for expert service providers.

I worked as a freelance writer that struggled to make $600/month for over a year. I competed with other writers in the third-world for clients in a free Facebook group while trying to raise 800K for technology I believed would change the world.

Before starting the company as a freelance writer in the Philippines I struggled to earn $600/month completing projects in the Cult of Copy Job Board. Now I charge $25,000 for 3-5 hours of my time using a proven template that I’ve replicated over 30 times generating more than $4,000,000 in sales. 

I know exactly what it’s like to compete as a gig worker in a struggling economy. While remote work sounds glamorous, the job market is bleak and from the perspective (and timezone) of a person in the third world – I wasn’t at a resort. I was living in the jungle as a local for more than 14 months!

While I was in the Philippines I would send out direct messages looking for jobs and write copy all day about the technology I was developing. Always Obelisk Network solar powered Wifi towers. At night I would call investors in the United States to review the content I spent so much time creating. I raised about 100K for the project but I could never get the product developed. We could never create momentum. During this startup phase I mastered what we now call the ADC Fundraising Funnel. 

I took my startup “failure,” and used it to transition into high-ticket consulting. Able to perfect a system of developing profitable client acquisition systems for companies, I offered done-for-you service or “automation.” My first client was an investment banker in London. After a summer of sending him emails I convinced him to pay to build my website

That's When...

I Learned This Amazing New Skill

"High-Ticket Sales"

Before starting All Done Consulting I was still searching for a 9-5. I had spent 5 years attempting to be an entrepreneur. Everything I had ever tried previously had failed, and I was still unsure if this would ever work.

That’s when I came into the opportunity to serve as a lead generation specialist for traditional campaigns such as; properties & stocks.

In October I flew to London with $800 in my bank account to work with my first partner in the high-ticket space. Making sales calls until 2 o’clock in the morning 6 days a week.

And here were my results…


SearchLight Media | Istore Labs

"I personally delivered my first 16 clients grossing $270K ($3,000/day)"

In the first 3 months (Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2019)

(Where I first cracked the code to high-ticket sales)

I quickly dove into the world of high-ticket sales and ADC (just me at the time) delivered it’s first 16 clients grossing $270K ($3,000/day) in the first 3 months of working with the company. That was me personally closing 3-5 clients per month for a total of $100-200K/mo, & I was personally netting $20-50k/mo.

These results were amazing, but there was one major issue…

My partners in England were taking half of the profit so I had to start my own company. 

Then the journey continued…

That’s when I started All Done Consulting LLC, since then I’ve launched over 30 funnels and counting. Two of the funnels changed the course of my life and the way people will forever do business. It was one of my most successful campaigns while also one of my biggest failures. This was the time when I grew the fastest, receiving my greatest lesson as an entrepreneur. 


EMA (Shopify Automation)

"$387,000 in revenue with only $10,000 in marketing"

In just months (Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2019)

(When we first built our own funnel and team)

I then met thee owner of EMA who introduced me to the automated business model industry selling Shopify Automation.

I quickly convinced him to let me set up the funnel on my All Done Consulting website.

I then spent about $10,000 in marketing and started making calls.

I quickly started generating revenue for his business….

But the Shopify business owner wanted more…

So I quickly hired my first few sales reps to increase the number of sales.

In total with my new team we grossed over $378,000 in just 168 days.

I was ecstatic! I had fully proven that I could fundraise for a business and build a team.

Then the unexpected happened…

One of thee business buyers I sold the Shopify Automation business to, circumvented me and convinced the vendor to let him build a sales team and cut me out of the opportunity.

Next thing I knew, I literally had nothing to sell.

That’s when I realized that I needed to sell for multiple vendors at a single time, to hedge against the potential loss of business if a vendor decides to stop working with us, or under-delivers on their promises given to the business buyers.

With my new plan to find more vendors, I started networking to find more…

But It Wasn't Easy...

It Took Years To Master This One Simple Skill

Let Me Tell You What Happened Next...

(The Poker Invitation Gave me the a Gift and Curse of Entrepreneurship)

I then moved to Scottsdale, Arizona because I had heard that it was a hub for entrepreneurs. I started searching to build my network, and slowly became friends with some amazing entrepreneurs. 

On every Friday we met for poker and exchanged ideas that helped one another grow. Looking back I realized those poker games weren’t just about cards because they taught me what networking is. 

After a few weeks, I connected with the host of the weekly event to tell him about and how it’s been proven to help companies in his niche get more clients (DFY Uber Automation). 

I wanted to prove to him, his girlfriend (who owned a DFY AirBnb Business) and the room full of experts that I belonged. 

I asked him for all the info I needed to start creating a fully automated marketing and sales system for his business, and built the funnel. 

Here were the results…



"$300,000 in revenue with only $5,000 in marketing"

In just 3 months (Feb 18th - May 31st)

(I spent 5K to make 50K in 100 days. At the time. I thought this was a lot of money… Imagine spending 5K to make 300K and giving away 250…)

I used the same skills I learned when I was writing copy to pay my bills in the jungle.

I launched both of their funnels for $5,000. 

In 102 days I generated 13 clients generating 300K in revenue.

But Then...

Something Terrible Happened

There was a public scandal about both of their operations, and it shed light on the fact that their entire operation was a complete SCAM…

A Week Later...


I had never been so angry and humiliated in my entire life...

Imagine working so hard to prove yourself to a community of people that you respected.

Only to get completely used left carrying the hopes and dreams of honest clients….

For the past year of my life I have been obsessed with creating a solution to this problem….

I created the Automation Network App.

That's when...

We Created A Solution

To The Following Problems In The Market

Internet Fraud

A service that provides transparency and accountability.

Start Up Failure

Scaling and growing companies is hard without the right team.


People looking for high paying remote jobs to feel more fulfilled.



We Fundraise for Companies that Produce Turnkey Profit Models & Can Scale Remotely Through A Network of Buyers.

Join The Automation Network Today



Why Join the Network Now

We Connect Buyers Providers and Consultants.

The Automation Network Will Teach You Exactly How Our App Will Revolutionize the Way People Buy Online Businesses

With The Automation Network App...



Introducing Our Flagship Automated Business...

Remote Call Center Automation

Soon There Will Be Call Centers Around the World Will be Selling the Page You Are Reading Right Now.

If you’re tired of hustling and grinding to create financial freedom. Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to teach you how to create long term cash flow forever irregardless of your income, skillset or background.

If you want to create a long term profitable business for yourself you must start a consulting business. The reason for this is because everyone on the planet has a problem.

If you can position yourself as a solution to that problem. You can charge for it.
The best part about this model is that you yourself don’t have to deliver the solution.
To get paid you just need to deliver the customer.
The best part about this model is that this can be done for you.
By paying for a service where a team calls and sells solutions on your behalf.

The best way to profit from delivering solutions is to provide the marketplace with technology that they’re going to start using with or without your recommendation.

Which is exactly what we’ve done. Unlike many guru’s that are selling another course.
We created technology. It’s a solution designed to help investors park their money in a good place while also helping companies grow and creating tons of jobs in the process.

Making big money in the market is often about taking advantage of trends early.

(Where Will You Join with the Automation Network?)


Investors that got in at the concept stage creating generational wealth.

Early Adopters

Entrepreneurs that profit from the trend by spending on ads.

Late Majority

Common man that joins popular platforms and gets ads served to them.

When you learn how to use this software you will become more powerful, organized and in position to grow a consulting business in any niche you can think of. We have experts that can teach you how to build a business in the following spaces:

Trucking, ecom, airbnb, multi-families, project management, technical support, human resources, copywriting, fintech, software development, business acquisitions, startup fundraising, and financial services and more to name a few…

Learn how to build a business in these niches or learn them all.
Build a brand in your image. Use our network to benefit your network.
Become a solution to other people’s problems to make money online.

If you’re still reading this letter then you fall under the following three categories:​


A business buyer with liquid capital that is frustrated with the current returns that market is offering


A company that wants to grow its brand faster without focusing on marketing & sales.


A person that wants to have the freedom leveraging a high-quality remote job.

We can help you no matter who you are.

Because all of you understand that it is impossible to achieve your goals all alone.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to grow your network and build a business.

That’s why we created an app where we will build it for you.

Discover How to Get Paid To Deliver Technology

The World Is Going To Buy With OR Without You

You see... the internet is changing the game of business


Has almost no stores.


Owns almost no cars


Creates no content


Owns no real estate


Has no invetory


Has no physical coins

This is know as the...

Middlemen Effect

That's Why...

The Automation Network is The Middleman

For Buying & Selling Business Opportunities

Such As:


Purchase a new semi truck and let a proven trucking company handle the rest, and share in the profit.

Short-Term Rental Automation

Partner with a proven short-term rental company, you help fund the property, they handle the rest, and share the profit.


Purchase into a done for you proven Shopify brand, we find the winning product, we fund the ads, you it back and share in the proft.

Amazon FBA

Purchase a brand new store on Amazon, and our team will scale it for you, allowing you to sit back and share in the profits.


Purchase into our proven Marketing and selling system. This is literally the only true Done For You Client Acquisition System.

Remote Call Center

Purchase directly into our growth by helping us leverage your capital to grow our marketing and selling team.

Let me explain something really quick...

Here’s how to get your hold of the market…

The Automation Guide

Receive real time data from the network of companies we’ve assembled and why their unique set of services will radically change your life in an instant through association. I have spent the last 8 years of my life developing the skills and relationships to create this portfolio. By purchasing this subscription you get lifetime access to any company that we ever add to the network.


YOU MUST LEARN TO Leverage your time, resources and capital in a profitable way or you will be eaten alive by recession and inflation trends

Everyday I speak to business buyers that are terrified about the impending recession. There is no recession in the marketplace of information. There will always be a demand for solutions to problems even if every person in the world becomes poor.

By placing yourself as an authority of information and opportunity you will always be in position to collect profit through a well managed consulting business. If you’re looking for a long term investment strategy invest into the ability to distribute valuable information, solutions and technology.


We spend more time on social media now more than ever but none of the platforms we spend time on a daily basis are specifically designed to help people grow businesses.

All the platforms help their users grow their network but they were not created for the purpose of developing businesses.

Which is why the Automation Network will change social media forever


We have created technology to deliver a solution to the obvious problems in the market. The companies we work with all have the option to use the platforms mentioned above. Yet they still have come to us for help acquiring clients. As promised we have delivered.

Our app, network and technology will put us in position to find many companies in need of growth that aren’t truly benefiting from the existing social networks. By delivering solutions to these companies our network will naturally grow putting us in position to solve more problems. As a partner/investor in our company the more problems we solve the more money you make.

The truth is...

99% of the business models that you're reviewing...


That's Why...

We created a technology that is projected to make income for decades

By improving a business model that has been profitable since the creation of commerce:

There will always be:



35 Video Lessons

Where Ryan Morgan breaks down everything you need to understand to become a master at persuasion so you can raise money.

Automation Network

Get word-for-word sales scripts, cold calling techniques, follow-up processes that you can leverage to sell anything to anyone.

Sales Mastery Script

Get word-for-word sales scripts, cold calling techniques, follow-up processes that you can leverage to sell anything to anyone.

MODULE 1: Access to the network & community

Module 2: Your Fundraising Organization

Module 3: Automation Consulting Services

Module 4: Becoming a Unicorn

BONUS: Access to Weekly Automation Report

Over 1,000 recorded calls of us raising 2million for the technology from concept stage.

Every week will pull the best calls meetings and updates and deliver them in a curated way directly to your inbox

BONUS: Copy Matrix

Live feed of my +30 profitable funnels + recordings of me building them from scratch.
See exactly what I do word for word when I charge 25K to write a 3-5 page letter that takes me one hour.

Learn to build your own funnels or hire someone on our team to do it for you.

BONUS: Automation Campaign

BONUS: Mastermind Meetings

BONUS: Free 1-on-1 Cashflow Strategy Session

BONUS: 5% Discount on any Done For You Business Model

What You Get When You Join The Automation Network

Fundraising Matrix -a real time window into our company. See how we develop, market and train our organization and how you can do the same.

Copy Matrix - See us build out multiple funnels at once in real time.

ADC Job Board - Submit your resume to be considered for any position within our network of companies.

Copywriting Training - Learn exactly how to build a Fundraising Funnel from scratch using 14 of our proven templates and step by step directions.

Fundraising Training - Receive access to our three week training program that will teach you how to get funding for your project and train others to help you.

Service Provider Training - Receive lifetime access to any and all training programs added by our network of experts and profitable companies.

Daily Newsletter - Receive call break downs, meetings and company interviews.

Monthly Reports - To track our continued profitable growth.

Mastermind Calls - Watch us put the money in the room all at once.

50% Lifetime Commission -For referring any member to subscribe. ($250/month)

Founder shares - We have plans to take companies public. You’ll be the first to know.

We Create Content to Educate

Buyers | Providers | Consultants

We Create Content to Educate

Buyers | Providers | Consultants




I Understand You May Still Be Hesitant...

That's Why I've Gathered A List of The Most


So You Are Ready Before Your Call!

The LLC was established on January 13th 2020. The site went live September 21st 2019. I’ve been an active automation consultant since February of 2019. I started writing copy in 2016.

You are being given a lifetime subscription that will provide you with a real time feed, daily updates, monthly reports and two training programs.  

You will be given lifetime access to any of our future subscriptions and a 50% commission for referring anyone to our network.

It’s a service designed to raise capital for companies that produce turnkey models that can be managed remotely by a network of buyers.

We’re a software company that has been developing a solution to make it simple and easy to raise money for companies by transparently reporting real time data to investors and holding third partner providers accountable for all agreements through 12 month satisfaction guarantees.

We’re on a mission to help the world learn how to make money online. Until you know how to start your own business our goal is to connect you to quality work from home positions that provide training, flexible hours and upward mobility.

How to build a Fundraising Funnel from scratch. It provides step by step directions on how to build a funnel from VSL to contract and everything in between.

A three week program that shows you how to be a top performer on the phone and how to manage an organization to help you raise money for your creative projects.

Of course. We’re building a billion dollar network. It’s all hands on deck. I can’t offer a salary until I raise more capital but if you can provide value I will make certain you are sufficiently compensated. Send your resume to:

I don’t plan on ever selling I plan on scaling the brand to become an international consulting firm similar to the Boston Consulting group,, or I know there will always be a demand for new customers. I plan on passing this business down to my family one day which is why I have invested so much to protect the brand. ADC is my life’s work and my purpose in life.

PS: If you’re one of those people that skip straight to the bottom of a sales letter here’s the deal… I have created an irresistible offer that will result in a billion dollar consulting firm being created in the next 3-5 years. 

I have a proven track record for making companies grow. There always will be a demand for new customers. I get paid to deliver information to investors and to connect capital to opportunity.

I devised a simple way to create a viral consulting fund through 1% copywriting/closing, excellent business ethics and investment banking.

We show buyers how to make money online without using their time. We deliver ideal customers to expert service providers. We teach consultants how to eliminate competition and to quickly scale the value of their time and network.

What makes us different from our competitors is the fact that we actually believe in everything that we do which is why we’re willing to bet on ourselves with every contract that we sign.

We’re on a mission to convert sales into a service that can be replicated into developing a private consulting fund.

We are looking to set up more profitable funnels for automation providers that will deliver.

Some things sound too good to be true. Some people did the work. 

I look forward to seeing you win. 

All the best,

After The Call, You'll Know Exactly What to Do.
We Did the Work. We Have the Proof. It's All Done.

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Finally Change Your Life

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